Jane’s Addiction at The Pageant, 2/22/12

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February 23rd
11:08 am

Sex is at the heart of Jane’s Addiction’s message. Beautiful sex, dirty sex, twisted sex, illegal sex – it’s all there. Wednesday night at the Pageant, as they launched their “Great Escape Artist Tour” off at The Pageant, it was again front and center. From the setlist to the stage design, sex oozed through the show. Being the first night of the tour, fans weren’t sure what to expect. In the Internet age, setlists and stage shows are rarely a surprise to many concertgoers these days, but this was completely fresh to everyone. In true JA style, there were both statues of naked women and actual nearly naked women dancers, in addition to the multiple video screens and even a life-sized stuffed bear. Perry Farrell may be 51 years old, but on stage he has the same presence he’s had since he was half that age. He has the same boundless energy, the same crackling charisma and while father time may have robbed Farrell of some of his range, it’s the same haunting voice, frail and powerful at once. It’s that voice that defines the JA sound, but the swirling guitar from Dave Navarro and hard-pounding beat from Stephen Perkins are just as important and both musicians are in fine form. Navarro is a rock star in every sense of the word, blaring his solos while posed as a rock god to Farrell’s right and Perkins has always been the driving force hidden behind his kit.

As the setlist showed, this is an album that Jane’s Addiction is very proud of. For the first time in years, through multiple reunions and various lineups, they look and feel like a happy, solid band. The brief, 14 song setlist was drawn mostly from the new album, The Great Escape Artist and from the legendary studio albums from their early days, Nothing Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual; 2003’s Strays was represented by only one song, “Just Because”. The show opened with the first track of the new album, “Underground” and ended with the last song “Words Right Out Of My Mouth”. In between, the played the biggest hits, like “Been Caught Stealing” and “Jane Says” and well has the fan favorites, like “Mountain Song” and the show stopping, highlight of the night “Three Days”. In the middle, the band convened at the front of the stage for a 3 song acoustic mini-set that included “Classic Girl, “I Would For You” and the aforementioned “Jane Says”. While the show did feel a little short, time wise, the energy in the crammed-to-the-gills Pageant was off the charts and it did not let down once all night, culminating with the entire crowd belting out the lyrics the “Stop!” with Farrell near the end. And short or not, everyone in the crowd was surely left satisfied.

The Setlist:
Mountain Song
Just Because
Been Caught Stealing
Ain’t No Right
Ted, Just Admit It…
Twisted Tales

Mini-Acoustic set
Classic Girl
I Would For You
Jane Says

Irresistible Force
Three Days

Words Right Out of My Mouth

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