What’s Going On: 1/26 – 1/29

With all the rain and crap-ehhhh weather, it’s pretty easy to lose track of the weekdays. Thank goodness gracious for the weekend. Four days of bliss. Now, if you have any further inquiries, they better be asking What’s Going On.


Thursday, January 26


In the Locals get LOUD feature of last month’s publication, we educated you on the ways of the STL LOUD crew. The LOUD Label is an extension of R&R Music Labs, a home-grown studio with its hand in the cookie jar of accessibility. Every so often they put together these compilations of unreleased music by local artists and have a release show per compilation. These local advocates have a goal to give St. Louis peeps and outsiders a taste of the music STL has to offer. Well, their latest release is up and ready to be celebrated. Look for Rum Drum Ramblers, Rev. Matt, and The LuLus can be found at Off Broadway. 7:30 PM. FREE!

Friday, January 27


Last shows are always kind of a bummer, but at least this one brings hopes of a rekindling. Jailbox‘s Andy Tranz and Joseph Bassa have a relocation in the works, so they’ll be absent from the St. Louis music scene for a while.  Favoring “more slow songs than fast songs” (or so their FB says), tracks like “Baltimore” favor fragile guitar and a sweet vocal delivery. See ‘em at Plush. 8 PM. $5.


I’m confused and frightened by this image.

Promising what seems like fun, “down and dirty drunken rock & roll from SPACE”, to be exact, The Browncoats‘ music certainly alludes to the extra terrestrial. “Space Age Loser” takes on Beck‘s token theme of loneliness and loser-dom and turns it into a reason( littered with grunge-inspired classic guitar riffs) to celebrate. See them at The Crack Fox with Gold Tooth and The Krank Daddies. Show 9 PM. $8.

Saturday, January 28


I bet that thing still flies…

The enigmatic band formerly known as Ping Pong, Pillow Talk describe themselves as “noisy, weird, weird”. Good enough for me. The Winchester. Shaved Women. Black Panties.

See ‘em at Lemmons. 8:00 PM. $5.

QUICK QUESTION: Who, when they read “Black Panties”, thinks about this scene from 10 Things I Hate About You? BB JGL 4 LYFE!).


The hat and pallid epidermis seal it for me.

Our Editor Tara has been blasting Michael Franco all afternoon after interviewing venue mate Cartweel for Eleven’s blog. From what I’ve gleaned, he’s worth a look and listen. Ambient hip-hip beats under Billy Holiday vocal samples? Heck yes! Watch him work at Off Broadway (and in this video) tonight at 8:30 with Adult Fur and Cartwheel. $7.

Sunday, January 29


Nice space, Adam!

With a unique set of pipes (think a restrained Tim McIlrath), flowing acoustic guitar, and a base of ambient tones, Adam Arcuragi is a nice reprieve from the cloying clutches of most singer-songwriters (with the exception of Drake Bell, dang it!).

See him at Cicero’s. 8PM. $8.

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