What’s Going On: 2/23 – 2/26

The hardest part of writing the What’s Going On, is actually figuring out clever ways to ask What’s Going On in the introductory paragraph.

Thursday, February 23rd


Parking lot jungle.

Brooklyn based duo Talk Normal whip heavy drums and guitar into a heady froth of minimalist art that would make Richard Serra proud. Drummer Andyra Ambrio wails from her gut to produce a poised yowl similar to the respected Karen O that goes down easy into a progressively percussive song like Transmission Lost.

The Luminary. 8 PM. $13 – $15. With Zola Jesus, who sings deceptively like Anna Calvi.

Friday, February 24th


This is so Warhol-ian it ain't even funny.

Comprised of Theodore‘s former lead howler, Justin Kinkel-Schuster, and Oxford, Mississippi housed Andrew Bryant, Water Liars deliver a simple and studied take on folk-rock that cites The Black’s Keys‘ aggressive drum/guitar rampages ($100), and Harry Nilsson‘s knack for intimate, romantic vocals (Dog Eaten).

Thank Andrew Blank (OMG RHYMING) for the kick ass review of Water’s Liars’s debut LP, Phantom Limb in this month’s issue of ElevenNot only was his assessment fair, it was accurate and intriguing. #JUSTSAYIN’.

Off Broadway. 9 PM. $7. With Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost and Fred Friction.

Saturday, February 25th



ONCE UPON A TIME…there was a baby monkey named Britches. He grew up hard, and he grew up fast in the cruel world of laboratory experimentation. It wasn’t until 1985 that he made his escape by personally phoning the Animal Liberation Front. An inspiration for captive stump-tailed macaques (pronounced: MAH-KAK!) everywhere, Britches went on to captivate the world with his woesome tale of sensory deprivation in the name of SCIENCE.

Whether his tale is one of animal cruelty, or one of a morally ambiguous science project for the betterment of mankind, remains unclear. Also on shaky ground: if the mask wearing, noise rock outfit Britches acquired their name from that little guy. For all we know, they could just be really into pants.

Lest I digress, Britches is a trio of possibly pro-furry lads who meld Lou Reed melodrama (“Stand Tall or Don’t Stand at All”) with the explosiveness of Brand New‘s f*$#ing great The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (“The Good Years”) into a concoction of hyped up weirdness that’s been thrown into a dumpster only to be crushed into a cube a-la Wall-e, them become broken apart and strewn about into a segmented version of its former incarnation. Yeah.

Schlafly Tap Room. 9 PM. FREE. With Global Distance, and Radiator Greys.

Sunday, February 26th


Biodome, anyone?

Safer than a tanning bed, a nature to nature, and a Pauly Shore allusion (?), The Climatron is STL’s own synthetic summer. Escape the winter blues by stripping to your June-July-August best with a bunch of strangers and enjoy what is being dubbed a “Beach Party”. Right on, sister.

Missouri Botanical Garden. 12:30 PM. $4 to get into MOBOT if you’re a St. Louis citizen, $8 if you ain’t!

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