What’s Going On: 1/20 – 1/23

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January 20th
12:46 pm

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, weekend! Thank goodness you’ve arrived! How I always miss you when Monday comes. Tell me, what’s going on?



Farfetched is an independent music and art imprint based out of St. Louis, MO. We specialize in creating thought provoking, honest, and innovative content for all.”

via FarFetched’s Tumblr


No, really. I am. In order to properly celebrate to release of FarFetched’s {Prologue}, we’re throwing a jubilee.

The acts featured will be: 18 and Counting, Adult Fur, Standing Sleep, Scriptz n Screwz, Thelonius Kryptonite, Helen Marie, Scrub, Whiteout, and Blank Generation.

FarFetched also incorporates other forms of art, such as the tactile. An example would be the installation from Matt Strom and Davis which will also be in attendance at the party.

You can catch the show, for free, January 20th. Festivities will commence within the space of2720 (2720 Cherokee) with doors opening at 9 PM and music starting at 10 PM.



Julien Denoyer

New art? Don’t mind if I do…

Los Caminos, the brainchild of Cherokee wunderkind Francesca Wilmott, is having a one-night-only exhibit. Catch undergrad art students (think of this as the preview for epicness to come) question the real world (post-St. Elmo’s Fire and pre-graduation style).

Children of the End of the World Present: Are We There Yet? is slated for 7-10 PM. Remember: this is exhibit is ONE NIGHT ONLY.

PS. I have a wicked crush on Andrew McCarthy circa ’85 because of that movie. Long live the love-jaded writer!

Saturday, January 21st


This looks legit. Yeah.

I always wanted to listen to live music in a basement…

Harmonies and acoustic guitar galore: Falsetto Boy, Kid Counselor, Heavy Weather, and Tommy and Sam of Family Might (all homies) play at the Bowen House (4107 Bowen St). 8 PM. Free!


Melvin Theater? Do you have to go down a rabbit hole to find this place?

Whether waxing with his guitar on Success or strumming gaily on a track like Barriers, Owen Pye has enough of an innocuous vocal delivery and a practiced tepid style that could have him rubbing elbows with Ben Kweller. See him at the Melvin Theater with Sons, So Save Me, and Palace. 7PM.

Sunday, January 22nd


Did you say… String Cheese Incident?

“Chances are if you’ve been to a bluegrass festival, the memories most prevalent in your mind are not so much that of the “scheduled” performers but more of the impromptu jams and unscheduled collaborations. It’s with that spirit that the McCoury family decided to embark on a traveling bluegrass festival that they are calling The Bluegrass Ball. Ask most string musicians young or old and they will mostly likely tell you that sharing a stage with the McCourys is at or near the top of their list…if they have not already. The McCourys are known for not only their ability to play with just about anyone but also for actually doing it! Anyone who has attended the McCourys’ highly acclaimed DelFest can tell you that the McCourys are on stage all throughout the day and night playing with many of the bands in attendance. These jams are what make DelFest unique, and The Bluegrass Ball will be akin to the epic late night jams that have become a DelFest highlight. Along for the ride are mandolin player extraordinaire Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band), Billy Nershi (String Cheese Incident), and bluegrass up and comers Mountain Sprout. With this particular line up there are sure to be some phenomenal collaborations and each show will certainly be unique from the next!”

via Do314.com because I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything as succinct.

7pm. Old Rock House. $25.

Monday, January 23rd



Say what you will about Nickelodeon/Disney stars-cum-musicians, but this cat is the real thing. Drake Bell put out what has to be the most entirely underrated and under-heard pop album of ever 2006. If you added up It’s Only Time‘s hitgrediants (see what I did there?) you’d get the sweetest, most lovingly made carrot cake with non-fat frosting EVER. Additionally, that album could literally make you want to adopt Bell over orphan baby wombats. It’s THAT cute.

Not to mention, it’s THAT good and THAT self-aware. Bell knows he’s creating pop songs. For Christ’s sake, he can’t stop smiling when he performs. Lyrically, Bell has enough dexterity as a pop-rock musician to name drop his influences (Fallen For You), make Yellow Submarine allusions (Up Periscope) as he details his usual morning after with a lady-of-the-moment, and cash in for writing the catchiest theme song to ever grace a television show centered around two odd ball brothers with nothing in common but a penchant for mischief (Found a Way). Please click that not only to listen to the song, but watch the sweetheart give his sweaty towel to a fan.

So, with all those credentials I just listed and hyper linked the shizz out of, it’s safe to say that I’m totally championing the hell out of this cat. Catch Drake Bell and all his well-manicured, and coltish glory at the Old Rock House. Doors at 7 PM. Show at 8PM. $17.50 in advance and $20 day of.

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